Southern California based, Sysdemes, has developed his own unique sound that combines elements from Electro and Progressive House; crafting a completely unique sonic universe, replete with brooding dark basslines and memorable melodies.

A prolific producer, Sysdemes launched his Vault series in 2021 on Bandcamp to release the multitude tracks he had been accumulating but had not yet signed. Vault was a Bandcamp exclusive and initially intended as a way to simply bring to light the sheer volume of tracks and musical musings created during quarantine. “The whole self-release thing was really liberating. It’s great when I have a label like Mau5trap as a partner, but Vault showed me that there’s an audience for even my more experimental material. 

Sysx unlucky debuted with the release of the single, “ldr.” A charged electro-influenced beat with ethereal haunting vocals and some pretty undeniable early mau5trap influences. The song set the tone for the label out of the gate. Now comes “Moss, Mourne,”  a hypnotic prog track that invokes memories reminiscent of early Deadmau5.

His talent in the studio really shines on this one as he effortlessly weaves out a dreamy synth lead while a gripping bass groove keeps you locked into this fantastical journey. It’s clear to see that Sysdemes is continuing to carve his own path in the electronic music scene and we cannot wait to hear more from him.

Listen below!


This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Sysdemes Drops Hypnotic Single, “Moss, Mourne” On His Own Imprint, Sysx Unlucky