Our fastest growing creators report has officially launched. It reveals each of the fastest growing creators on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube during Q1 of 2022.

The data presented in this report was collected using Tensor Social, a social intelligence platform that allows brands and marketers alike to optimize their influencer marketing campaigns. Using their software, we filtered through growth and engagement metrics from each social platform for Q1 of 2022.

From that data, we pulled the ten fastest growing creators on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Once we identified the top creators, we measured each creator’s engagement rate throughout the quarter against their follower count in order to calculate individual growth rates.

With this data, we were able to break down the growth rates by social platform. Additionally, by comparing the growth rates of each creator to one another, we gain insight into what it takes to be one of the fastest growing creators.

Download the Fastest Growing Creators report here.

Key Takeaways

  • The average growth rate on TikTok for Q1 of 2022 was 5,751.83%
  • The average growth rate on Instagram for Q1 of 2022 was 4,178.96%
  • The average growth rate on YouTube for Q1 of 2022 was 1,224.70%

The Fastest Growing Creators on TikTok in Q1

  1. Kieram Litchfield
  2. Buttered Side Down
  3. Ulises Orellana
  4. Imreddtv
  5. Haitham Amin
  6. Sara Underwood
  7. Emerald Gordon Wulf
  8. Josh Gates
  9. Bitesizedbryan
  10. Kalani

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The Fastest Growing Creators on Instagram in Q1

  1. Danielle Ruhl-Thompson
  2. Jarette Jones
  3. Nick Trawick
  4. Onwardjdub
  5. Bryan Major
  6. Sturniolo Triplets
  7. Savanah Moss
  8. Matthew Sturniolo
  9. Chris Sturniolo
  10. Willow Pill


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Fastest Growing Creators on YouTube in Q1

  1. Jonny Englsh
  2. Huyen Tran
  3. Jake Ceja
  4. Liv Pearsall
  5. Hoàng Hôn Official
  6. Landen Purifoy
  7. PaulVuTv
  8. Creative Carrah
  9. Ethobot
  10. Love YourSelf

Editor’s Note

This report highlights the 30 fastest growing creators of Q1 of 2022. We identified creators from the three most influential platforms in the industry: YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. With growth rates up to 29,000% over the span of one month, many of these individuals saw their lives and opportunities change overnight. That’s the beauty of the creator economy. 

And while creators are only one aspect, they are at the center. They are the focal point around which every other aspect revolves – and they are absolutely essential to its prosperity.

Today, we are seeing creators harness this power like never before. Social media platforms are incredibly fast-paced, and there are millions of creators trying to make their way to the top. While it’s easy to say that blowing up on a platform is a result of pure luck, it takes much more to achieve monumental and lasting success. For these creators, this is only the beginning. Their next challenge is to maintain that growth and continue making their mark on the industry.

Download the Fastest Growing Creators report here.

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